Sikkim Lottery Sambad 04:00 PM Live Result Lottery Sambad Sikkim

Sikkim Lottery Sambad is a very famous game on the northeast side of India. A huge number of people play this game daily. So if you are a player of lottery sambad then this article is only for you. Because here we are going to provide you all the latest results of 04:00 PM Lottery Sambad. Usually, this game is also known as Sikkim Lottery Sambad but its time is 4 pm so many known this as this time.

Sikkim Lottery Sambad

Lottery SambadToday Sikkim Lottery Winner

Hello, guys if you have bought the ticket of the Sikkim Lottery then this image is only for you. In this image, you can check that who is the winner of Today Sikkim Lottery. You can check 1st winner, also check 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and many winners of 5th prize. The prize list has been mentioned here. You just have to match your bought ticket with the results. If this will match then you will today’s winner and get the high price now.

04:00 PM Lottery Sambad

As we already mentioned that Sikkim Lottery is also known as 04:00 PM Lottery Sambad. So you can say it as per your choice. This lottery is purchased daily by the people of Sikkim state. Millions of the lottery ticket bought in daily routine. Those ticket numbers will match with the results ticket who will be the winner in this game. So if you are interested in this game then simply buy your ticket and check your luck. If once you will get 1st position then you will be the hero of your life.


In this post here we have discussed and given the Sikkim Lottery Sambad Live Results. So you just have to check the above-given image result for more information. 04:00 PM Lottery Sambad is a very famous lottery you should play this if you have a little bit of interest.

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